Saturday, 12 December 2015

New York Part 5: New York at Night

New York at night

Penn and Teller performed in the Marquis Theatre which is within New York Marriott Marquis hotel.  This hotel offers one of the best views of the city.

But first you have to go up the incredibly scary elevators.  They are housed in clear glass and shoot you up to the upper floors of the super tall skyscraper.  Really did feel like a mini ride.

Upstairs is a bar and desert buffet.  The drinks are overpriced, while tasty, and we forgo the expensive desert buffet (which also looked tasty).

However the price of the drinks really reflect the incredible view that you get to witness within New Yorks only rotating restaurant that gives you a 360 degree experience of the city.  It's actually a really cheap and relaxing way to view all the major skyline landmarks while also avoiding the super touristy empire state building.

Now remember when I said those drinks were tasty?  Well I actually meant to say incredibly strong!  I asked the waiter what he recommended and he asked if I didn't mind stronger drinks.  I said no and boy oh boy people should really heed his warning.  Pretty sure those drinks were pure liquor and since we wanted to get back down to the city we pretty well chugged em.

As such we were certainly a little tipsy as we head out looking for some late night food.  Luckly my sweet, lovely, so helpfull, beautifull....i just love her soooooomuuuuuuch......woah.  Did I mention those drinks were a bit strong?

Anyway she had researched a perfect late night eatery afterwards.

Shack Shack!
Now I don't know if it was our slightly inebriated state or our super late night dinner but we absolutely loved this place.
Sure it was just burgers and fries but it was burgers and fries to perfection.  Nothing fancy.  Just exactly what burgers and fries should be.  And just to keep our buzz going we ordered a couple of beers.  That were served in fairly large cups, and unbeknownst to us prior to ordering, they were about to close.  So we kind of had to chug some more alcohol....

But that is ok because were were about to get blasted by the crazy never sleeps New York times square mega illumination to help wake us up.

Yep definitely a little buzzed

It truly is the city that never sleeps and really appeals to the late owl insomniac inside of me.  It is so bright that even in the dead of night its as if the cities glow is an artificial sun in of itself.  Everything is still packed and we saw plenty of kids milling about at midnight.

Now there really isn't much to Times-Square.  Other then the fact that its an iconic landmark that we've seen in countless films and shows there isn't any real activity going on here, unless you are into getting your picture taken with some random super heroes with questionable costumes.

But Times Square does serve as an energy hub that expands for countless blocks throughout the city where the energy keeps on flowing and you'll find all the clubs, shows and lounges to keep you busy throughout the night.

We only decided to go to shake shack at like 11pm at night and were surprised when they were closing shortly afterwards.  This being due to the fact that the energy of the city puts you in a (not so) false state of believing the city never winds down.

Brought me back to my youth where I would revel in the night and stay up till I heard the birds chirping and heralding the start of a new day, bringing me much dread that I had once again forgotten to sleep that night.

Hmm upon further thought, and reflection of my current struggles with insomnia, maybe this whole city that never sleeps isn't such a good thing.  As a matter of fact, despite my internal urges to the contrary, my better half reminded me we had another big day tomorrow and we probably should get to bed.

 So until tomorrow city of light.  Let us see what you will bring us in the day.

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