Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Ramifications of the New Apple Pay

Apple recently unveiled its new Iphone 6 and its new product the Apple Watch.

One of the incredibly new, innovative, and exciting features (that Android has had for a while) is the Apple Pay.

Without having actually looked into how it works whatsoever, i'll explain how it works.  Using your IPhone or Apple Watch you can easily pay at select retailers (who have the necessary hook up) with just one touch of your Apple device.


Well to explain why this matters i'm going to have to connect this topic with Disney (which I have shamelessly not done in far too long).

Disney has, over the last few years, been developing and implementing something they call MyMagic + (Stick with me here and trust that this relates to Apple in a very big way).

There are two main features from MyMagic+.  FastPass+ and Magic Bands.

Magic Bands contain your park tickets, visa card, and hotel key information all on a bracelet so that you can easily touch your bracelet to any vendor to easily pay for your purchase.  Often without even having to input your credit card pin code.

FastPass+ is a new system whereby guests can basically secure advanced reservations for rides so that users can return at a predetermined time in order to bypass lines.

These two features go hand in hand.  Basicly, rather then have you wait in line, Disney would rather you spend your time perusing the various gift shops in proximity to the rides and utilize their extremely efficient Magic Bands to quickly buy anything that suits your fancy.

So once again:


Well back in the day we used to have to fish into our wallet and get the money.  We had to count the change and actually feel our wallets get lighter.

Then comes the credit card.

Now we can impulse buy without impunity.  The time it takes from your saying "ooh I want that" to actually buying the product has decreased substantially.  You don't have to take the time to count your money (which gave you time to second guess your impulse) and actually witness the physical loss of your money and the minor anguish associated with that.

We basically stopped viewing money as an actual physical thing.  It all became very imaginary.

And what happened?

People spent more.  People racked up debt because they didn't even really register that they were losing something for the products they were getting.

Have doubts that the adoption of new technology can impact consumer in this way?  Well Disney doesn't.  In fact they have invested 2 billion dollars in this MyMagic+ technology overhaul.

2 Billion Dollars!!

And they are already reporting that average guest spending is up substantially.

So lets now adopt this to the main public.

As previously mentioned, Android has had this technology in place but it really had no impact that i'm aware of.  But Android does not have the mega brand image and money that Apple has.  I believe that Apple has the potential to influence vendors and have the widespread adoption of this technology in association with their devices so that virtually any store where we can make purchases we can use our wrist.  Thereby making it that much easier then ever before to spend money before we even realize what we've done.

So Whats Next?
Embedded chips.  These chips will have all of your personal information and, when combined with your fingerprint, will make it so that you don't even have to remember to carry your watch to make a purchase.

Seems a little far fetched and Sci Fi but i'd bet on this as the next step in technology and am completely serious about this statement (but all subsequent statements from here on out are to be taken as increasingly satirical).

Now what are the ramifications of newer more efficient forms of technology that make it increasingly easier to make purchases without a thought?

Well debt levels are already out of control (at least in part due to the previously mentioned advances in technology).

I predict that these newer forms of technology will have consumers taking on unprecedented levels of debt that will reach a tipping point.

Soon these consumers will all begin defaulting on their loans and filing for bankruptcy.

This will lead to a complete collapse of the economy and a depression that the world has never seen before.

After bankruptcy filings become rampant, businesses will become afraid and will withhold on investing any money.  In fact they will find new ways to save themselves more money.  And one of those ways will be through massive layoffs.

This in turn will of course lead to an additional influx of bankruptcy filings because of record level unemployment levels.

Now that people no longer have jobs they are unable to purchase anything from the businesses who now themselves have to declare bankruptcy.

Now the government is no longer receiving any funds from its unemployed taxpayers and bankrupts businesses and is forced to completely cut back on public spending.

At this point society will collapse into complete and total anarchy.
There will no longer be any hospitals functioning, there will be no trash collecting, hot water for hygiene and the sewers will completely back up.

And the obvious and only inevitable outcome from this total living in ones own filth is the spread and proliferation of numerous and new germs, viruses, and bacteria.

Well Then What Happens at That Point? 


Just based on the exhaustive source of Zombie TV shows and films I think that is the only logical conclusion.

So while arguing over killing an infected loved one due to a minor scratch he or she received, just remember to thank Apple for its always innovative new technology.

Thanks Apple!

And just to bring a little humor, while discussing the inevitable destruction of the human race:

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