Friday, 15 March 2013

2012 A Year In Review For Movies

Alright it's been a while since I've done one of my mini movie critiques.  Since the fans have been demanding I do more (and by fans I mean somebody asked me the other day if I've seen any good movies lately) I decided to do a review of the many movies of 2012.

I keep saying that 2012 has been a stellar year for movies and each time I declare this I get people who annoyingly ask me "Oh really?  I've been looking for a good movie.  Which ones are good?". 

PHFFSHH!  Like I'm supposed to actually list some movies to backup my definitive claim of 2012 being a great year for movies.

Well fine.  Because I usually draw a blank after 2 movies I decided to actually look into it.

I found like 50 movies worth mentioning but I'll narrow it down to like 25ish.

So here I go.

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