Friday, 20 November 2015

Gay Marriage

So i'm listening to some music of a slower persuasion (as I'm wont to do) and an Elton John song came on.

I got filled with the warm and fuzzes and here is why:

Goodness has prevailed.

With the recent controversy south of the border of a lone woman being imprisoned for refusing to issue marriage licenses I realized how far we've come in very little time.

More importantly I realized that when my daughters grow up there will likely be a time where it is explained to them that gay men had to come out of hiding and proclaim they were gay.

I've no doubt that they will have profound confusion displayed all over their faces and much explanation will have to ensue.

First that gay people for a very long time had to pretend they were straight (as Sir Elton John did himself with a few public straight relationships) in order to avoid persecution, then slowly did begin to reveal their sexual preferences to much persecution, to then being able to marry their partners with only one lone woman in their way who was quickly removed from her duties.

Obviously an oversimplification but lets think about that for a second.  A person had to completely hide who they were as a person to now having Caitlyn Jenner being heralded as a hero (kind of a stretch but the sentiment is fine).  All of this in just under a generation.

Sure the media blew up in the states about this one woman attempting to block gay marriage but the real story is that its an incredible victory that only one woman refused to do her job.  This would have seemed unimaginable just a decade ago.  The gay community itself never believed that so much progress would have been achieved so soon.

So I fully look forward to the day when my kids look at me like i'm crazy when I try to explain to them that people had to come out of a closet in order to proclaim their same sex preference.

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